In 2013 analysts expect 150 million tablets to be shipped globally, an increase of 38% compared to last year. Up until now and since 2010 Apple has been ruling the tablet segment, since the iPad was introduced, but Samsung and other slate makers have been biting out of its pie.


About 60% of 2012’s tablet shipments were iOS devices, while 37% were based on Google’s Android OS or versions of that, like the one served by Amazon on the Kindle Fire units. There are 3% left, that make up the rest of BlackBerry OS, Windows 7, 8 and RT slates, that pretty much don’t matter in the big picture. ABI Research analyst Jeff Orr is claiming that the “tide is definitely turning toward Android-based tablets”. This doesn’t mean that Apple will give up without a fight.

They’ve still got the iPad Mini 2 coming, the iPad 5 with its first major design change in the main iPad series and probably more goodies. Samsung is seen right now as the main Apple pursuer on the tablet market, which makes the IFA 2013 event all the more interesting, since it may mark the debut of Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 3 devices, all of them with potential to become hits. It’s all about good strategy…