Could Apple’s tablet be more than meets the eye? We’re all talking about devices, specs, designs and more, but what about the software and the many digital works it’ll include. The new tablet might just mean the end of all e-book readers. Or does it?


What’s certain is that this idea is not entirely new, since Steve Jobs had a chance to check out a customized OS X running on a multitouch tablet years ago. His conclusion? “What would people do with this?”. But things have changed…

As we speak, Apple is gearing up to make all the famous publications, magazines and even textbooks digital, as mentioned by NYTimes. They’re among the publications that’ll go digital, together with hundreds of thousands of books and more. I guess that students will be happy to quit carrying heavy textbooks and settle with a tablet with iTunes and hundreds of titles on board.

All we know now is that Apple is in talks with executives from magazine groups, textbook publishing officials and they’re trying to establish a way to add publications to iTunes, with an efficient revenue system. Will this wide selection of digital media kill the Kindle, Microsoft Courier and other similar devices?

[via Gizmodo]