We’ve passed the concept and image leak stage of the Apple Tablet and we’re reaching a new phase, focused on hands on experiences and folks talking about the device. This time it’s Jason Calacanis, tweeting about his hands on impressions with the Apple iPad, as a beta tester. He has been playing with the tablet for two weeks now and what he’s learned we can find out after the break:

First of all, the Apple Tablet comes with an integrated HDTV tuner and PVR, a wireless keyboard and monitor connectivity. There’s also front and rear camera functionality, integrated 3G with support for Verizon and AT&T and more. Even the first flaw is rearing its ugly head: the limited battery life.

Calacanis mentions that the Apple tablet sports an OLED touchscreen display and a bunch of “thumpads” on the sides for mouse gestures. Also, as far as gaming is concerned, you get a Wii-like experience. Fingerprint biometrics are also on board, as well as a solar panel at the rear. Now back to the battery life, the tester claims that the power is great in Ebook mode, but gaming and WiFi will eat the battery and leave you with a mere two to three hours of runtime.

We also get info on pricing, supposed to be $599, $699 or $799, depending on device size and memory. Will the Apple iPad have a battery as weak as the one on the iPhone?

[via slashgear]