While searching for the next step in the evolution of tablets and a hint regarding Apple’s future product, we’ve come across a very interesting prototype, or mockup if you want. It was showed on this blog and it’s a “miniature laptop in tablet form”, that resembles the Microsoft Courier tablet we’ve talked about before.


Also known as iSlate or Netslate, the device also looks a bit like a Wacom product combined with a Nintendo DS. This would make reading digital books and newspapers an easier task, as well as browsing through them, by flipping virtual pages. If you’re wondering about size, know that the prototype is an intermediary between an iPhone and the MacBook Air, measuring about 14 x 21 cm.


The two foldable parts are connected by a flexible hinge, for extra freedom of movement, while the OS is borrowed from the iPhone, plus some extra features from the standard Mac OS X. Gestures like “pinching” are also supported, plus “turning the page” and viewing extra layers of information and annotations.

You’ll also be able to use the device like a laptop, thanks to a virtual keyboard, but you’ll also be gaming thanks to on-screen controls and much more. The Apple tablet incorporates an AMOLED screen, very thin and energy efficient and if you’re wondering about the specs, here they are: SSD memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and no trace of USB and FireWire. Induction charging is also supported… Stunning device, simply stunning, so kudos to the designer!


[via lucasrosa]