Just like the iPad 2, the New iPad has already sold out all the initial preorders in the first launch countries. Apple recently informed its customers that they shouldn’t expect shipments to arrive for up to 3 weeks. In USA and Canada customers will be able to preorder and expect the slate to arrive by Monday, March 19.

The delivery date is 3 days after the tablet’s initial availability date that was promised to customers who preordered very early. Some clients have even received their shipment notifications already. While US and Canada customers are privileged, in Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland and UK the earliest delivery (if ordered now) will take place 3 weeks from now. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong the new Apple tablet is already sold out and shows up as unavailable.

Apple planned ahead and predicted this situation, so they ramped up production, especially after the heavy shortages that the iPad 2 faced. I also expect last year’s iPad to sell very well, especially now with $100 cut from its original price. Analysts say that shortages are expected once again, because of LG Display, Samsung and Sharp, that haven’t been able to meet the demand for Retina Display units. This shortage is a gold mine for resellers, that will create a grey market and already on eBay there are people promising the tablet for the next couple of days with a $1,200 price tag.