The latest Apple-related rumors mentioned the fact that aside from the 3 new iPhones, iPad Pro models and maybe a watch, we could see extra goodies during Apple’s event next month. One of them is the 13 inch entry level MacBook, that’s now rumored to have been reworked from the ground up.

The MacBook Air was the most affordable option till now, but now there’s a plan for a 13 inch MacBook Air replacement. That notebook was actually supposed to debut earlier, perhaps during WWDC 2018 earlier this summer, but according to Digitimes the product was delayed on account of a redesign. Turns out that Apple aimed for a Q4 2017 release, but it was stunted by the delay of Intel’s next gen chipset.

Apple thus had to opt for a larger 14 nm Kaby Lake CPU. Since the chip is larger everything had to be changed: internals, cooling, motherboard, you name it. Apple wants to deliver a golden product, so it won’t have to listen to customers complain about its MacBooks like they’ve been doing with the MacBook keyboards for years now. The 13 inch MacBook is rumored to be priced at around $1500, maybe $1200 if Apple is feeling generous.

Expect a slim machine, very light, with a metal body and impressive power. Productivity on the go? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.