The name Modbook brings back the idea of an after-market mod of Apple’s MacBook and the latest generation of this product is actually a MacBook Pro turned into a tablet based on pen input. The mod kits costs a couple of thousand dollars and now the result is a tablet MacBook Pro, with the keyboard and LCD ripped of and a new casing plus LCD display.

ModBook Pro features the 13.3 inch MacBook Pro’s specs and now includes a Wacom digitizer with pen input technology. The slate gets 7 hours of functioning time on a single charge and it will launch early this fall. So, if you have a couple of thousand grand laying around, you may want to spend them on this customized tablet/laptop. The only question I have here is the weight of the model, since that’s the deciding factor regarding its portability. I wonder what Apple has to say about this product, especially knowing that Steve Jobs was totally against the stylus input.

At least we get Wacom technology, that’s the best of the best when it comes to drawing, editing, pen interaction and other such features. Still, would you trade your Macbook for this Frankenstein?