Apple is rumored to be experimenting with iPhone sizes between 4.8 inches and 6 inches in diagonal, a rumor we’ve heard before. The Cupertino giant could be working in this direction to counter Samsung’s varied palette of diagonals.


Sammy is offering 5.8 inch, 6.3 inch, 5.7 inch devices, 4.8 inch handsets and a 5 incher, so the variety is huge. Apple will have to retaliate or risk losing a market, that’s already shifting to Android. Even Nokia saw the potential of higher diagonals and is rumored to be preparing a 6 inch phablet. For now, a 4.8 inch iPhone would do, but people wouldn’t mind seeing a 5.5 inch phablet as well.

If Apple went the stylus way, that would contradict Steve Jobs’ approach to the stylus, which was basically a critique to the entire concept. In the meantime, Samsung’s direction has been followed by the likes of Acer, ZTE and Huawei, all of them with 6 inch devices on the market. Will Apple cave to the trend?