Since the info comes from Reuters, we can’t ignore it: it appears that Apple may be preparing 5 inch phablets for 2014 and intends to build such devices in the future. They are also considering making $99 iPhones in a variety of colors.


The Cupertino giant is said to be looking into a way of competing with Samsung through a Galaxy Note rival and this involves a massive and still pocketable device. A previous report was talking about a 4.7 inch display on the iPhone 6, but now it appears that the larger devices will be part of a different series alltogether. The talk is now about a 5.7 inch display and the inside info comes from suppliers from Asian that have been approached by Apple.

The company that Tim Cook leads has been against phablets in the past, as they’ve also rejected the idea of a stylus, but keep in mind that 7 inch tablets were also criticized by the same company. In the meantime, Samsung is preparing the Galaxy Note 3 with an even larger 5.99 inch display and leaks have been plenty.