It appears that Apple placed quite a big order during the holiday quarter, as far as the iPad panels are concerned, They ordered somewhere over 30 million iPad display panels in the 3 months that ended 2013.

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The information comes from research done by the firm WitsView. The Cupertino company only sold 27 million iPads to the public, so it has quite a few units remaining in stock, about 4 million apparently. Most of the panels, meaning 17 million of them went towards the 9.7 inch iPads, while about 6 million were meant for the iPad Mini, the non Retina one.

Finally, 7.49 million were destined for the Retina iPad Mini. The orders will drop a bit in the second quarter of the year, to about 25.8 million. Apple will probably use the leftover panels from the previous months and they’re also anticipating decreased demand for its products, as new devices arrive on the market.