According to recent research by DisplaySearch global tablet shipments may reach 455 million units by 2017. Falling prices and display technology advances are quoted as reasons for this evolution.


DisplaySearch claims that global tablet shipments will rise to 315 million units this year and climb to 455 million, reaching nearly 75% of the mobile PC market. The worldwide tablet ASP is expected to drop from $311 in 2014 to $296 in 2017, that will be a major factor in future adoption, especially in emerging regions.

Consumers will be able to choose from a variety of options, particularly screen options, including AMOLED and other display tech. Diagonals will also be diverse and right now momentum for the tablet market is in full swing, since it has become the dominant mobile PC form factor, according to Richard Shim, senior analyst at DisplaySearch.

It’s interesting to see this growth prediction, because 2013 had a back to school and holiday season that were pretty weak.