Apple knows its tablets have taken a serious dive this year, dropping around 30% in the first quarters of the year in sales. It’s not exactly their fault, since the entire tablet market is dropping globally. The thing is that small slates are reasonably popular still, but the bigger ones haven’t been as popular for 2 or 3 years now. That’s why we may not get a new iPad Air this year.


While the iPad Mini 4 remains in the cards, as well as the 12.9 inch iPad Pro/iPad Air Plus, the iPad Air 2 is good enough for the current requirements, apparently. Apple is right not to offer an iPad Air 3 this year, because it would probably end up as disappointing as the iPad Mini 3, that brought basically nothing crucially new to the table and all it did was make the iPad Mini 2 more appealing.

This means that the iPad Air Plus/iPad Pro will be the flagship tablet for Apple this year, with its 4 speakers and two connectors. Rumors recently spoke about accessories for this device, such as a stylus or mouse, or optional keyboard. One of the most expected things about this tablet is its price and I fear a letdown there…