We’ve all heard yesterday during Steve Jobs’ presentation that the new Apple iPad tablet will sport 3G connectivity, but what’s really interesting is the micro SIM it’ll be using. A SIM is usually a 15 x 25mm plastic card, but the Micro SIM (also known as 3FF SIM) measures only 12 x 15mm, so it’s about 52% smaller.

Of course, this new card won’t work on your handset and in case you’re wondering, it was developed by the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and we learn that it provides more storage space on chip for operator apps. Also, the Micro SIM comes with better control and security features and its tiny design allows it to fit smaller devices.

Why choose this type of SIM? Well, consider this a locking method for AT&T, one that can be bypassed by software hacks, so the “evil” is once again on the carrier’s side.

[via engadget]