Apple surely rushed to show the world its brand new toy, the iPad tablet, so they didn’t detail the device too much. Although we’re now pretty familiar with the iPad, but what about the accessories? The bunch includes a keyboard dock, that will retail for $69, a case, retailing for $39 and an iPad Dock Connector to VGA adapter, available for $29.

There’s also a camera connection kit, that will be available for $29, but we’re really disappointed with Apple requiring you to pay for the world’s most popular connector, usually available for free. The $69 price for a keyboard dock is a tad too much, but if you’re a fanboy, no price is too big.

Back to the accessories, the above-mentioned dock combines the features of a standard iPad Dock and a modified Apple keyboard (latest version, with aluminum and all). This keyboard also comes with function keys controlling the iPad’s brightness, Home screen, a bunch of shortcuts and volume level.

[via engadget]