Apparently, the very first prices of the European version of the Apple iPad have leaked, although they’re not quite legit. It seems that the new tablet will arrive in Europe with an EUR 499 price tag, as shown on T-Mobile Germany’s website. No trace of the prices now, since they were removed.

It’s pretty strange to think that the European prices for these devices are the same with the ones in the US, only in EURO, so this means that you’re losing money if you don’t buy them from the US. Take into account that the cheapest iPad (16GB) in the US will cost $499, while the European one costs EUR 499.

Do the math and remember that 1 dollar equals 0.71 EURO. Predictably enough, the 32GB version of the iPad retails for EUR 599, while the 64GB can be yours for 699 EUR. You might find these prices still posted on the German version of Amazon.

[via Mobilissimo]