A new report published by Apple Insider sheds some light on the specs of the upcoming Apple iPad Pro, that will feature an Apple A9 chipset and more goodies. The device is expected to come this fall, featuring quad speakers and dual ports.


The device will adopt a 12.9 inch diagonal and it will use an Apple A9 CPU, an upgraded version from the iPad Air 2 chip. There will also be NFC on board, Force Touch and an USB Type C connector, as well as the Lightning one. One of the connectors will be at the bottom of the device and one on the side, as seen in previous leaks. The NFC inclusion on this model will make it prone for either Apple Pay transactions or connection to a special new stylus.

A new type of keyboard is also rumored, perhaps having something to do with that extra port. Other than that the design approach will be similar to the iPad Air’s, there should be an 8 MP back camera, 16 or 32 GB of storage to start from and certainly a LTE version will be coming.