After all the rumors about the iPad Mini 2, iPad 5 and iPhone 5S, it’s time for a new product to enter the scene. Supposedly, Apple is making a mega iPad with a 12.9 inch display, ready for a 2014 release and meant to beat the ultrabook segment.


The current full size iPad measures 9.7 inch in diagonal, so this is quite a jump. There are some users out there who have expressed their desire to get a larger iPad, although smaller screens seem to be the way to go these days, with successful 8 inch and 7 inch slates out there. is behind this leak and they don’t have a solid track record, so don’t bet on this product.

The iPad Maxi sounds like an enterprise product and if it’s bundled with a security and Office solution, it may just become a Windows 8 killer and ultrabook killer. The key here is to make the big tablet lighter and more compact, in spite of its huge diagonal. Would you buy such a tablet?

  • Pjotr Kyrillitsch

    If this tablet still does not have a stylus and true (Wacom) digitizer (like for instance the Galaxy Note (10.1), Microsoft Surface , HP Envy and others, this is a useless addition to the market.

  • Florin

    come on… this is a joke. Apple invented the “ultrabook” niche. No more than last year Intel founded with 300 milion USD the ultrabook manufacturers in order to make them ready to produce a Mac Air 11 copy and to compete with on the same level of pricing – under 1000 USD.. until last year I was almost and anti Apple activist 🙂 until i saw how fast and reliable they are. Now even if I carry an Android phone (sorry – at the Iphone 5 screen is still under 4.5 inch) I sold my 7″ Android tablet 2 days after I bought an Ipad Mini for my kid and with my MacAir 13″ I could manage my photos faster and better than I ever managed with Windows super desktops with tons of memory and super chips and SSD and everything on top- Just because is Windows. I keep an Windows computer for my son for his games, but coming back to the title. Apple already invented the ultra book concept and bated by creating a benchmark in this category.

  • J Z

    After douching every apple owner needs to stuff their hole with a Maxi Pad!