Believe it or not, Apple’s iPad is starting to matter when it comes to web browsing, since the tablet is now responsible for 1% of global web browsing. The info comes from NetMarketShare, with the stats being reported by NetMarketShare.

The Apple iPad also gets 2.1% of browsing in the United Sates, while mobile web browsing is once again under the Apple spell, being dominated by iOS devices. The iPhone and iPad combined reach about 60% of mobile web browsing in the USA alone, while the tablet on its own makes up 25.5% of the browsing.

31.6% of mobile Internet surfing takes place on Android devices, that include smartphones and tablets, while RIM comes third, but its share is much smaller, at 6.9%. A recent comScore study has shown that the iPad represents 97% of all tablet web traffic, so that’s a very scary figure for rivals such as Samsung. ASUS and Acer.