If you follow statistics, press releases and all that, you may have noticed that Apple’s tablet market share has been dropping over the past years. Amazon, Samsung and now the Nexus 7 have been eating into its pie and it appears that next year they will take the crown from Apple. At least that’s what project analyst Sameer Singh is saying.

I have to remind you that back in Q3 2012 the iPad had an 87% cut of the market, according to IDC. Moving on this year’s Q3, that number has fallen to 50.4% and it will continue to fall, as more and more cheap Android tablets are sold. Sameer Singh is an analyst with mergers and acquisitions consulting group Finvista Advisors. He analyzed the growth of Android tablets and their shipments and concluded that what follows is a beating that the iPad will take soon.

The third quarter this year was apparently one pretty bad for iPad sales, seeing how rumors of the iPad Mini put people on hold and the new iPads had lower shipments. Past results indicated that the iPad shipments should have risen by 10 to 15% last quarter, but instead they fell by 18%. Meanwhile Android tablet shipments grew from the first quarter to the third one and the growth will be even bigger in 2013, according to the analyst. It doesn’t mean that the iPads are doing poorly, since Apple reported selling 3 million iPads in the launch weekend of the new devices.

What about Windows 8 and RT slates? Sadly enough, the expert says they’re “negligible” right now.