The Apple iPad seems to be the next cash cow for the Cupertino giant, maybe not like the iPhone, but still a decent source of financial growth. However, this is not a cheap device to make… Let’s see now, just how much does Apple make with these tablets. A bill of materials analysis recently revealed that the total cost of the iPad’s manufacturing is a bit over $270, so Apple will be making around $230 with each unit sold.

The 3G radio costs only $36, but Apple will sell it for $130, so this is another source of profit. Overall, the Cupertino giant makes around $300 with its new device, that is (let’s admit it), not as innovative as we hoped it would be. However, we expect the holiday prices to be a bit lower, so not all hope is lost.

How low is Apple willing to go with the price of this tablet? $300 maybe?

[via crunchgear]