Samsung’s Russian division has just introduced the first electronic book readers, the E6 and E101 models. They both pack an electronic paper screen, the E6 sporting a 6 inch unit, while the E101 packs a 10 inch display. These screens provide clear image in direct sunlight and you have to know that these devices support popular ebook formats like ePub, PDF and TXT.

Samsung E6 and E101 come with built-in dictionaries and support stylus input, plus MP3 playback and audiobooks. There’s also a text to speech feature on board, handwriting recognition, calendars and reminders, plus a technology that avoids typing errors caused by accidental touch of fingers of objects.

Cut/copy/paste are also available and we learn that these new Ebook readers support WiFi 802.11 b/g, allowing books and newspapers downloads.

[via mobile review]