The iPad 3 is barely out two months or so and people are already envisioning the future generation of Apple tablets. Luis Fonseca, a designer from Portugal created the iPad 4 concept you can see below and he came up with a pretty original device, I’ll have to admit.

This idea of an iPad 4 includes a sliding QWERTY keyboard and you can imagine here rather a MacBook turned into an iPad, rather than your average Apple tablet with a keyboard attached. The keyboard slides from the bottom and the new iPad concept features Bang & Olufsen speakers, a 12 megapixel camera with 1080p video capture and an aluminum frame. It can also be easily recycled, something that the designer felt the need to mention in the description of the product, so it means this is made with eco-friendliness in mind.

There’s also a portable hard disk created as accessory for the iPad 4, although with the iCloud out there, there’s not much need for extra storage, is it? I wonder if the new iPad can remain slim enough with this extra keyboard area and also I wonder if the display is still at Retina level. For some reason, I imagine this as a 7 or 8 inch device with quad core CPU and 1080p resolution… Would you buy it for $450 or so?

  • DeianStancu

    These are designers dreams. They are not viable products. Imagine how expensive a product like this can be. At least 1000$ in US and over 1000Euros here. Few will buy it.

    A tablet is a tablet. If I want a tablet with a keyboard, I’ll buy an Ultrabook. Much more powerful and even cheaper.

  • Innocent Bystander

    What an extraordinary idea, only Apply can come up with such an innovation. I would never think that a combination of monitor + keyboard would make a useful computer. I suppose iPad 5 would have a trackpad, iPad6 will have a mouse, iPad7 would have USB ports. A sub $500 netbook right now has more than that hypothetical iPad7 but they are way too far ahead of the game, that is why people like iPad better because it has less stuffs. People need to learn how to use a computer one chunk at a time. When you don’t have a keyboard, you will appreciate when you have one on the next computer. This is really a genius marketting from Apple part.

    I strongly advise Apple competitors to do the same. Sell a computer with no screen, just a power button and sound volume +/-. In v2, add a screen, v3 add network, v4 add memory, v5 add hard drive, etc. Just make these computers shiny and looks trendy, give that to some dumb celebrities for advertisement and people will buy.

  • 1stkorean

    i personally think this is ugly.  the ipad is actualy attractive.

  • Ana

     Much more cheaper ?
    Where do you live dude
    price of the tablets is 4 times less than stupid ultrabooks

  • DeianStancu

     I live on Earth. And an Ultrabook is ~700$.
    It is useless to compare the cheapest tablet with 16GB storage and joke of a processor with 120GB real SSD and 100 times faster CPU.
    I don’t get your point. You compare apples with melons? 

  • JN

    Sliding keyboard is an “original idea” – Apparently the author and this designer had not been to Intel Developer Forum (IDF) conference or Computex liked couple years ago.   Attaching keyboard to the tablet had been designed in any shape or form that you can imagine.  Sorry but this is taken.