Android is the boss when it comes to the Chinese smartphone segment, but Apple is still reigning in the area of tablets, according to an Analysis International report. The Cupertino giant has no less than 71% of sales in Q3 2012 in this country, quite a bit in front of the second placed Lenovo.

Meanwhile, Google’s Android takes up more than 90% of smartphones, a huge amount ahead of iOS’s 4.2%. The analyst firm didn’t total the figures for operating systems, but it’s clear that Android may have some catching up to do in the tablet space. Samsung is a minuscule player locally, with 3.5% of the market, only a bit behind popular local brand Ereneben, with 3.6%. They’re also ahead of Acer, who have 3% of the market. Other local manufacturers and international brands like Motorola make out the rest of the percentage.

Analysis International made this study relying on devices that are 5 to 11 inches in diagonal, so even with the phablets included Android doesn’t pack a punch. Android has the budget pricing on its side, so slowly but surely it will be chipping away at the iPad domination. Analysis International reports that the slate sales grew 65% year on year, with 2.6 million units estimated to be bought by customers in the last 3 month period.