The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of the 35 patents that were granted to Apple on the last working day this year. One of them was the most interesting, having to do with digital pen input. This pen invention allows the user to write on paper and have his notes transferred to an iDevice like an iPhone or iPad.


The Apple invention includes a built in dock for the pen, that will be held in place via magnetics. The iPen is a modern stylus that features a position sensing device, like an accelerometer, a tip for writing a transmitter for sending position data and also a computing device. There’s even a received involve with the system and a heating system. The stylus can also enter data without touching the device or any type of paper.

It simply enters data corresponding to the images drawn with it and it can do that from across the room with no problem. This makes it easy for students in a classroom to take notes, that will be stored on their devices, too, not only on the paper or whiteboard. The iPen is said to have a power source and a heated conductive tip.