The US Patent and Trademark Office was busy this week, when it published a series of 44 patents granted to Apple and focused on a series of interesting technologies. They’ve got to do with mapping, image compression and a possible future iPad frame build.


The latter involves using composite materials that could make the design even lighter. Also, the iPad Mini design finally got patented by its maker, to avoid all potential trouble. Other patents have to do with modifying scroll speed depending by the adjustment of the grip strength around the sides of an iPhone or iPad. Since the list of patents is long we had a look at it and found other interesting items, like a real time or near real time streaming system and activity detection.

There are also connector-related patents, one that are linked to backlight control and an audio jack with multiple points of contact. The iPad Mini design is quite crucial for Apple’s patent collection, since it was the start of a new age for Apple and this look was also applied to the iPad Air and more models of slates to come.