We’ve heard a lot of times about the fact that Apple might launch a dedicated stylus for the iPad tablets, or even an iPad Pro with such an accessory in the pack. In spite of these rumors, until now we didn’t had anything clear, thing that change today, day when we get to know some pretty interesting facts.


Through a former Apple engineer we get to know that the Cupertino giant is testing a stylus for more than 4 years, stylus that comes in different form factors. Even if this person didn’t see them in real, he’s 100% sure that they are real.

Another thing unveiled is the fact that these prototypes were coming with different form factors and features compared to other similar ones available on the market. Apparently, such a stylus was never developed because Apple decided without any reasons to stop the project and the engineers were attributed another task.

It remains to see if such an accessory will arrive on the iPad Air Pro / Plus, a model that is leaked a lot lately.