Probably the most surprising aspect of this ABC News story is that the house that was being robbed didn’t have a single cellphone, but it did have a tablet. Two girls, aged 14 and 8 were home alone in their house in Fresno, California, when a burglar got in.

home invasion tablet

They locked themselves in the bathroom and using a tablet, that may or may not have been an iPad contacted their relatives and then the police. They used the Google Hangouts app to do that and then the relative took the complaint to the police. They sent a car to the house and the perp was caught. In this day and age when we write so many articles about big screen phones cannibalizing tablets, it seems in this case someone had a tablet and not a phone.

This leads me to believe that it would be nice if the police also responded on social networks and Hangouts, instead of just the official phone numbers. Also, people need to have cellphones, since they can save their lives, apparently. I guess that selling that tablet and replacing it with phones could work.