Convertible tablets have been a cool part of the Microsoft Tablet PC segment, with companies like Dell adopting this form factor and developing it. This is the case of the Dell Inspiron Duo and maybe some MacBook of the future, as Apple just filed a patent for a new form factor, dubbed “Application Programming Interfaces for Scrolling Operations”.

As shown in the images above, we’re dealing with a device that looks like a normal laptop when opened, but when closed it becomes a convertible slate, as the screen sliders over. We remind you that when Steve Jobs unveiled the latest MacBook Air, he claimed that touchscreens aren’t a good solution on standard laptops, since they can cause arm fatigue, so they replaced them with touch trackpads.

Now, imagine a convertible tablet that solves this problem by borrowing some feats from the iPad…

  • John

    Previous art….. HTC desire Z, nokia N8, HTC 7 Pro, HTC Touch pro and pro2 and a lot of umpc’s out there do the same thing. If they get this patent we’ll know for sure the US patent bureau has gone bonkers