I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest episode of the #Bendgate scandal, involving curved and bent iPad Pro (2018) units. They either arrive bent from the package or bend over time. Apple felt the need to explain part of the production process to get rid of the stress.

Apparently the Cupertino firm uses a special new technique to build the cellular version of the iPad Pro 2018. The company had previously reacted to this, saying that a certain degree of curvature was normal. And that even though JerryRigEverything bent the device easily, without a large effort. Cupertino uses a process dubbed “co-molding” for the iPad Pro cellular models.

It involves a high temperature and plastic being injected into precisely milled channels in the aluminum enclosure. There it bonds to micro pores in the aluminum surface. After the plastic cools down, the whole enclosure will be finished by CNC machining. It all creates a seamless integration of the plastic and aluminum together. This also forms small vertical bands or “splits” in the sides of the tablet, making bits of the enclosure cellular antennae.

The splits and the straight edges could create what Apple calls “subtle deviations in flatness”. Those are only visible from certain angles. Once again Apple highlights that this doesn’t affect normal use. Still, if people are unhappy with the product, they are advised to contact Apple Support. Apple also promised that bends won’t change over time and can’t be perceived during regular use.

So, do you agree with the company, or it’s just PR mumbo jumbo?