Remember the piece we had yesterday on the bricked iPads caused by the iOS 9.3 update? Well, Apple reacted fast to that and they issued a fresh update, a fix for iOS 9.3 and its bug that didn’t let people install the new release correctly.


Let me refresh your memory: quite a few users who installed iOS 9.3 on their older iPads found their devices bricked and not working anymore. An activation loop was the problem and not even Apple Store employees could fix that. Apple admitted that the bug could affect the iPad Air, iPhone 5s and older models. They pulled back iOS 9.3 for those devices and issued a new build.

The patched up iOS 9.3 is now up for download and it’s recommended you plug your bricked iPad or iPhone to a computer and do the update via iTunes (build 12E236). It’s not very clear what will happen to the iPad Air 2 bricked units, but I’m guessing they’re covered by this new build.