Since Google first announced Android 4.0 everybody came to a whole new opinion in regards to the direction the OS seemed to be headed to. Not only did the new version of the OS provide a great deal of features, it also became a lot faster and perhaps the main aspect of it is the completely different look, more attractive than ever before.


After Ice Cream Sandwich was first announced, Google made sure to leave the developers and manufacturers a certain amount of time, in order to release their software, devices and updates. Just as ICS was reaching over 20% of the smartphones, Jelly Bean was announced, and it again changed everything. With the addition of Google Now and smoothness like we’ve dreaming of, Android 4.1 really took it to a new level, managing to gather a great deal of fans anxiously awaiting for the manufacturers to support it.

Samsung has since last year announced it will provide Android 4.1 updates to a great deal of its handsets, including in the low and mid-level area. Since the manufacturer has a rather good reputation in terms of providing updates, it was expected that by the first half of this year the updates will start rolling out. Unfortunately it seems it is not the case, though Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus owners will benefit from Android 4.1 starting today. On top of the mentioned specific aditions, Samsung also brings its slightly more polished interface, for a much improved overall feel.