After we previously saw a huge amount of pictures and rumors about the new iPhone 6, a device that will pack a bigger display, in this case a 4.7-inch unit, now we have the opportunity to take a little look on an iPad Pro 12.9-inch tablet prototype that we can admire in the photo below.


As you can see the tablet looks huge in the hands of that person, suggesting that the size of it mai be even bigger than 12.9 inch. Anyway, we should’t give much credit to this photo mostly because as we can find out, the 12.9-inch Apple iPad has been canceled for this year.

It remains to see if this iPad Pro will be produced next year, or it’s gonna remain in the concept stage. Also, according to several publications, these big tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 doesn’t manage to be popular mostly because of the high price available on the market.