Although this week has been all about IDF 2013 and Intel’s launches, AMD wants a bit of popularity, so they went ahead and launched the new A4-1350 quad core chip for tablets and noteboks.


The full name is AMD Elite Quad core A4-1350 and the product will start shipping in October. This is a 1 GHz quad core processor, that features AMD Radeon HD 8210 graphics clocked at 300 MHz and support for DirectX 11.1 The chip has a TDP of 8 watts, while Intel’s latest solutions promise 4.5 watt, so more work can be done here.

However, AMD did say that this CPU can use 3 W or less for “many common usage patterns”, like playing Full HD video or streaming YouTube vids. If you add a decent battery in the mix, on a 13 inch notebook or tablet, everything should be fine. The problem is that OEMs have to gain faith in AMD after working with Qualcomm or Intel for so long.