AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su has plans to visit Lenovo, Asustek, TSMC and Acer in a bid to create new deals and relationships with these firm. The idea is to commit to future engagements and explain AMD’s future roadmap, that may include some interesting APUs we’d like to hear more about.


AMD wants to enter the tablet market, although if they follow Intel’s example they may be too late in the game. AMD has set its sights on slates, phones and wearable devices and they’d have to come up with something truly special, seeing how Intel is losing billions in the mobile area. AMD has a tight partnership with ASUS, outsourcing its southbridge chip R&D to the Taiwanese subsidiary ASMedia. They also worked with ASUS on the next gen APUs, so expect to see some very interesting Asustek slates in the future.

ASUS is a bit of a pioneer in the field, inaugurating the ascension of NVIDIA within the mobile market and also pioneering a few unusual formats like the PadFone and Transformer Pad. Now they may be the first ones to come out with an AMD CPU tablet. We’ll have to see the nm manufacturing process, power usage and benchmarks before we can believe in the new APUs…