A while ago we heard that Amazon was actually preparing a bunch of new Kindle Fire units, not a single one and those newcomers had varied diagonals, apparently. From 8.9 to 7 and 10 inches, we’ve even heard that there will be 5-6 different versions of the Kindle Fire, so how crazy is that? Now it appears that the theory about the 10 inch Kindle Fire is gone and there will only be two 7 inch units instead.

There was even a leaked image of the slate going around the web at some point, so it came to that. As far as the two new 7 inchers are concerned, one of them is an improved version of the current Kindle Fire, while the other is a bigger upgrade, according to people in the know. Amazon sticks with the 7 inch segment that brought its success last year, when the Kindle Fire debuted with the crazy price point of $200, that even inspired Google and ASUS to team up and come up with a similar product.

CNET’s sources say that the new tablet will include a camera and I expect more of a front camera, than a main back one. Other improvements may include a microSD card slot, more storage, a better screen resolution and maybe a revamped Amazon experience on top of either Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich. Everything will be revealed next week, during Amazon’s press conference.