Amazon is rumored not only to be preparing one or two new Kindle Fire models, but also color e-book readers for the second half of 2012. The info comes through via the usual makers in the supply chain, who will being to ship the related parts and components in May, according to insiders.

Amazon’s new e-book readers will be built using multi-touch capacitive touch panels instead of the infrared touch panels involved in the build of mono colors e-readers, say the same sources. E Ink Holdings is also planning to unveil their own color EPD products soon enough, says company chairman Scott Liu. Color EPD products will most likely be adopted by Amazon, according to sources and TPK Holding is the company with module orders from Amazon, as far as color e-readers go.

Expectations are that around 6 million e-book readers will be shipped in 2012 by Amazon, according to the same people in the know. Will Amazon start neglecting e-readers in favour of tablets, if they succeed to deliver another hit?