According to some sources, it seems that Amazon is trying to design its own server chips as some several job listing and LinkedIn update also suggest. They could use the ARM arhitecture for this chip project. We also find out that Amazon hired several chip engineers that worked at Calxeda, a former ARM-based served in Austin, Texas.


Even if the informations are pretty real, Amazon declined to comment about their plans. Anyway, some sources are also indicating that Amazon will indeed start the developing a server chip. Along the jobs listed by Amazon we find some titles that include Principal Engineer, Silicon Optimization at Amazon Web Services, Harware Development Engineer, Hardware Design Engineer and Director of Silicon Optimization at Amazon Web Services.

One of the anaylsts at Moor Insights and Startegy said that Amazon is investigating right now custom chips as opposed to just working with existing chip suppliers. He said that this is the main reason why Amazon it’s hiring an arhitect, because they are taking an ARM arhitecture license to roll their own core. It remains to see if this thing will be real or not in the next few weeks or month.