The rumors about the iPad Mini continue, this time with Bloomberg confirming some of them, especially those related to the screens used on the new device. The smaller iPad is once again supposed to come in October, according 4 people familiar with the matter. TPK Holding Co and Yeh Cheng Technology, a subsidiary of Foxconn will offer the lamination coating of the 7.85 inch tablet.

This info is confirmed by the same 4 people who wanted to remain anonymous. The iPad Mini is supposed to be the answer the new Windows 8 tablets and the Amazon Kindle Fires, that are coming soon, the second generation. AU Optronics is involved for the first time in making screens for Apple handheld devices, after traditionally providing panels for MacBooks and Sony’s TVs. Apple declined to comment on the matter and in other news Sharp is also on board with the product, making a future batch of displays for the tablets.

Apple shipped 17 million iPads in Q2 and reached a 70% market share for that time frame, courtesy of the release of the new iPad, with its Retina Display. Analysts expect a competitively priced Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to take over the market over the following weeks and Apple may rule the holidays, if they offer the iPad Mini at a reasonable price point. We’ll see about that…

  • DeianStancu

    If this is true, Apple is going to launch a castrated cheap crap product, for the first time in many years. Too bad.
    Now Apple deserves to be counter-sued by Samsung for copying the Galaxy Tab 7″. Samsung was the first in business.
    Steve, where are you? Don’t let Apple fall, again……