After Acer’s 8 inch Windows 8 slate, that hit the web last week, their arch rival ASUS is also attacking the same segment now. Jerry Shen, ASUS CEO told The Wall Street Journal that he thinks the price tag of Windows 8 tablets will reach an average value of $300 this year.


Right now the average is around $400 to $500, so we’re lead to believe that ASUS is preparing a budget Win 8 tablet and also one with a smaller diagonal. Microsoft must follow what its rivals are doing and they’ve probably figured out the popularity of 7 and 8 inch tablets, so that’s why we’ve got a 8.1 inch Acer tablet appearing on Amazon with Windows 8. Previous rumors talked about a Surface Mini tablet with a 7 or 7.5 inch display, so things are getting interesting.

It will be interesting to see which Windows version ASUS will choose for its products, since RT seems more appropriate, while Windows 8 provides the most functionality. Acer and Samsung are already ditching Windows RT, since they don’t like the OS and they’ve been vocal about it. Will ASUS be able to stand by it?