The accessory pictured below seems taken straight out of a Legally Blonde movie, but sadly it’s real and it’s a brand new Acer product. Acer and designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis created this parody of a device, the Acer Selfie-Hat.


There’s no way you won’t look ridiculous while wearing this hat, that’s basically a giant pink sombrero with a tablet case, that’s oriented towards your head. You can rotate the hat to snap a selfie from any angle you desire. The hat is made to interact with the Acer A1-840 slate, that features an 8 inch display and an Atom Bay Trail CPU.


It obviously sports a front camera and it would be a pity not to have one or two special selfie options available on it as well. You can snap the selfies and then upload them to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or wherever you please. This product isn’t a parody, since Acer takes it seriously and showcased it at the London Fashion Week.

Luckily it’s a limited edition product…