What Google has done with its first Asus manufactured 7-inch tablet is to really change the manufacturers perspective in regards to the smaller form factor tablet demand. Now and mostly courtesy of the Nexus 7 the 7-inch offer is very vast going from top products to budget-friendly devices.


The Nexus 7 tablet was met with great enthusiast and sold in a number of units that not even Google could have predicted. The tablet is the without a doubt one of the better of its kind on the market, offering about every feature one would expect from a high end product with the price tag of a mid-budget tablet. With this in mind it comes as no surprise that people are expecting another even greater product to take its place.

It is more frequently stated by the most recent rumors that Google will announce a 2-nd Gen Nexus 7 this year, offering specs on par to the market demands today. This new tablet will again be manufactured by Asus and is likely to be unveiled at Google I/O in May, when it will also be shipped. Sources with inside knowledge of the manufacturer’s supply chain state that shipments of one million units in May and eight million units in 2013 are expected with the announcement of the device.