A mysterious ASUS tablet has been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG authority, running Android 4.3 and I can’t help but think this is the Nexus 7 2 slate. The device is codenamed ASUS K008 and runs software version JWR11, which is said to be Android 4.3.


The slate comes with a 7 inch LED backlit display and WiFi, as confirmed by the description on the site, so there’s not much to go. The Nexus 7 has recently hit the Bluetooth SIG again and its codenamed was ME370T, not even close to K008. There’s also a 10 inch ASUS K008 tablet leaked out there, according to an FCC posting from earlier this year.


Could this be one of the new tablets announced at Computex 2013, or simply the new Nexus 7 we’ve been waiting for? Expect more Android 4.3-related leaks in the following weeks, as we get closer to July, the month when a new Nexus 7 is supposed to bring us the new OS release.