Kids tablets have become a pretty solid nice and since Archos has one, there’s always room for more. One of them is the newcomer Tabeo Tablet, listed by Toys R Us for $150. This child-centric device uses a 7 inch display and runs Android. The product will go on sale from October 1st.

So, I guess this makes the product ideal for the back to school or better said back to kindergarten time frame. The design of the product is pretty conventional and from the first info published on the web, this slate is oriented to older kids rather than toddlers. Usually such tablets come with e-reading functions and bundled games and interactive books for children. There’s also parental control for web browsing and a certain limiter for applications, the paid ones.

Devices like the Tabeo Tablet can be seen as training wheels for kids trying to get into the whole tablet craze. When you’re born in the 2000s, odds are that your whole life will gravitate around tablets, YouTube and Facebook, so you have to grow up with them, apparently…

  • Brian

    This actually looks like a badge-engineered Archos.