Today we have two scoops related to food, or better said to restaurants in the UK. YO! Sushi, a British restaurant has become famous after delivering food to its customers using a Quadrocopter controlled via iPad.


In the meantime, also in UK Domino’s Pizza is employing drones to deliver pizas. They have their own gear, called DomiCopter and a video of this gizmo in action has already achieved over 1 million views. Back to the sushi place, it’s already known for being an evolved establishment, that relies on a conveyor belt setup, that allows people to pick up food arranged by price category.

While Domino’s initiative is said to be a one time thing, the quad copter used by YO Sushi may become a regular thing, but right now it’s in testing phase. As you can see in the video below, the conveyor belt is actually modern looking and the quadcopter is used as a waiter. Cool, right?