You must be aware of the fact that HP decided to give up on the future of the TouchPad tablet and all webOS devices for that matter. Well, this was bound to affect prices, so here we are with a 16GB TouchPad supposed to cost $99 or $149 for the 32GB one. Liquidation anyone?

The prices will apply from August 20th in Canada and the special offer will be reaching the US tomorrow. Best Buy and Future Shop are among the retailer with such cool offers, however they only list it up to August 22nd. What’s really strange and seems a nonsense is the apparition of the white 64GB edition TouchPad on HP’s US site, with a $600 price… what can you make of this?

In case you forgot, Best Buy recently found itself with at least 200k unsold TouchPad units and must get rid of them. I say… wait for it and get the device for a better price! Or maybe HP will decide to give its huge network of employees a tablet or two… Anyhow, there’s more bad news: AT&T wants to completely cancel the launch of the Pre 3.