The 12 inch iPad aka the Maxi iPad has been rumored for a year now, without solid proof ever surfacing till now. This time we get a fresh batch of rumors, that involve a launch time frame.


Apparently, the product will be ready in the second half of next year, while the iWatch will come in Q2. Last I heard, the 12 inch iPad was being tested at Quanta Computer, a pretty famous ODM and apparently LG was already making some panels for this biggie. Launching the iPad Maxi in the second half of the year would line up with the usual fall Apple tablet launches, unless they debut it during the end of June or July, that is technically the second half of the year.

The launch of the 12.9 inch Apple tablet so late would have to do with delays related to the manufacturing process. Of course, this could all be gibberish and Apple may never launch such a thing, but rumors have been too strong lately. Meanwhile the iWatch also gets delayed, but only till Q2 2014…