As we approach the debut date of one of the first 2K phones out there, if not the first, the Vivo Xplay 3S treats us with some more leaks. The images below reveal screenshots from a video showing the testing process of the device’s screen.


The screen panel seems to be tested for resilience against drops and heavier contacts, so it will be pretty tough. In the meantime official sources have revealed that the device will be launched on December 12th, packing a 5.5 inch 2560 x 1440 pixel display. The company BBK Electronics is behind it and we’ve heard that this unit may come with Android 4.4 KitKat and high specs that include a quad core Snapdragon 800 CPU.

There will also be 3 GB of RAM on board, LTE, a HiFi audio chip and USB 3.0 connectivity. No idea what the pricing will be, but I must mention that the release date was confirmed by the device’s maker itself. Judging from the pics here, the screen will not only have a high resolution, but also high resilience.