Fresh after launching its first 8 core CPU, MediaTek gets back in the saddle and promises even more CPUs for next year. Apparently they’re preparing between 6 and 8 CPUs for tablets for 2014.


This year they released only 4 CPUs of this kind and industry sources confirm that the number will double next year. The new processors launched in the following 12 months will come in 8 core flavours for higher end slates, quad core ones for midrange tablets and dual cores for the entry level models.

The 8 core units are being developed for those high end large size slates, probably rivals for the 12 inch Galaxy Note and 12 inch iPad we’ve been hearing so much about. If we include the two tablet CPUs MT8283 and MT8389 launched in the second half of 2013, MediaTek is expected to ship over 20 million tablet CPUs in the year and double its tablet CPU shipments in 2014.