There was a time about 2 months ago when rumors about a larger 12 inch iPad were in abundance, but for some time they were dialed down, as the iPhone 6 started leaking massively. Well, now the so called iPad Pro is back and it keeps the 12.9 inch screen.


There’s a new rumor coming from Taiwan that suggests no less than 3 iPad models will debut this year, with one of them being the larger iPad Pro. We already expected an iPad Air 2 with a new speaker design, differently placed volume buttons and no lock button, as well as a Touch ID scanner, but the iPad Pro has been a mystery for a while now. It’s interesting to note that aside Samsung not many companies have been experimenting with bigger formats and the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 for example didn’t exactly get a lot of traction.

I guess that the release of Office for iPad has a lot to do with this decision. Imagine that you pair that software with a 12 inch iPad and a keyboard dock. You achieve an extremely solid netbook rival and if Apple plays the ergonomics card right, they may even get to replace ultrabooks. The enterprise and education markets are targeted by the product, as far as the Taiwanese sources are concerned.