We talk about Intel and MediaTek every day and Qualcomm is often a topic of ours, but today we’ve got an octa core Russian processor to discuss about. The pilot batch of Elbrus-8C chipsets has been launched, with a frequency of 1.3 GHz and 28 nm technology. This product comes from Russia and it’s aimed to serve as an alternative to US computer chips, an idea that we wrote about here.


The new chip brings a computing power of 250 gigaflops and it will enter production this fall, apparently. The Elbrus is an all Russian piece of technology, with improved 64 bit architecture and level 2 cache, of 4 megabytes, plus level 3 of 16 megabytes. The chip will be used for servers, workstations and other computer equipment, meant for public institutions and businesses, usually related to security and state matters.

Previously, the Russian officials gave up iPads because of security fears, so don’t be surprised if this CPU also comes to tablets. This new 8 core processor can perform 25 operations on a single core in a single clock cycle and it comes with multi thread support and ultra secure computing, thanks to a special memory control feature. After the spyproof tablet here, there’s another piece of novelty from Russia… what will they come up with next?